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In our restaurant, we offer a cross-fertilization of traditional piedmonts dishes with new flavours, using only seasonal vegetables, combined by our own wines. Who loves classic and simple flavours will be taken away by the typical starters as our ‘salumi’, ‘agnolotti’, our own meat, and our wood-oven baked bread. Moreover, every first Friday of the month there is a pizza-night with pizza’s made with mother yeast.

The large restauration room is perfect for heterogeneous groups, from couples to numerous groups. During our meals, our different products are offered (meat, salumi, flower, honey and vegetables), transformed with expertise in the best way to taste the sensory characteristics; only a small percentage of our products come from outside the farm but are part of organic agriculture, fair trade and small scale local producers.

The menu

Every week something special

Our menus are applicable from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.

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Feasts and events

Not only lunch and dinner

Weddings, birthdays or company events, we are always available, also during public holidays.

The canteen

From Monday until Friday

During the week, at lunch, the canteen of the partners is always open


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