In the shadow of the orchard, surrounded by nature

Our small agri camping is situated on the spot with the most beautiful panorama of the farm, called ‘il coustieu’, from where a splendid view of the countryside, and the surrounding mountains, may be enjoyed during a romantic sunset.

It is possible to put your tent wherever you prefer best on the quiet terraces of the orchard: under the black cherries, next to the vineyard, or on top of the hill.

It is also possible to join us for lunch, discover our activities and even give us a hand, if you wish to.

For your groceries, you can help yourself in our small shop.

For people who come with a camper van, there is a small square, next to the orchard, where you can connect to the power grid and use the loading and discharge of water.

The camping has a bathroom with toilets, shower and hot water, which can be used freely.

There is a washing area for the dishes outside.

The equipped kitchen of the guesthouse (straw house) can be used to prepare your meals or do your laundry on request.

The outside area is equipped with wooden pick nick tables, perfect for having your meals or just simply to relax.

For more information and reservation, please contact

Nicole or Antonella:
tel. 0131 838100
mob. 342 199 4345


Tent: 6 euro per person, 3 euro per child, a day.
Camper: 12 euro a day

Forfait ‘Fattore amico’

For the partners of “Fattore amico”, the first 24 hours of your stay are for free.

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